Accepted papers

Main Track

Exploring Vulnerabilities in Voice Command Skills for Connected Vehicles Ding, Wenbo (University at Buffalo);
Liao, Song (Clemson University);
Cheng, Long (Clemson University);
Zhao, Ziming (University at Buffalo);
Guo, Keyan (University at Buffalo);
Hu, Hongxin (University at Buffalo)
Enabling Real-Time Restoration of Compromised ECU Firmware in Connected and Autonomous VehiclesDafoe, Josh (Michigan Technological University);
Singh, Harsh (Michigan Technological University);
Chen, Niusen (Michigan Technological University);
Chen, Bo (Michigan Technological University)
mmFingerprint: A New Application Fingerprinting Technique via mmWave Sensing and Its Use in Rowhammer DetectionLiang, Sisheng (Clemson University);
Li, Zhengxiong (University of Colorado Denver);
Jiang, Chenxu (Clemson University);
Guo, Linke (Clemson University);
Zhang, Zhenkai (Clemson University)
ADC-Bank: Detecting Acoustic Out-of-Band Signal Injection on Inertial SensorsZhang, Jianyi (Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute); Wang, Yuchen (Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT));
Tu, Yazhou (University of Louisiana at Lafayette);
Rampazzi, Sara (University of Florida);
Lin, Zhiqiang (Ohio State University);
Lee, Insup (UPenn);
Hei, Xiali (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Fingerprinting Encrypted Traffc of IoT Cloud PlatformZheng, Bing (Xidian University);
Wang, He (Xidian University)
Waves of Knowledge: A Comparative Study of Electromagnetic and Power Side-Channel Monitoring in Embedded Systems Amar, Michael (Ben Gurion University of the Negev);
Navanesan, Lojenaa (University of Colombo);
Sayakkara, Asanka Priyadarshana (University of Colombo);
Oren, Yossi (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)

Invited Track

An Efficient and Smooth Path Planner Based on Hybrid A* Search and Frenet FrameWang, Pin-Wen (National Taiwan University);
Tseng, Yi-Chi (National Taiwan University);
Lin, Chung-Wei (National Taiwan University)
Application of Large Language Models to DDoS Attack DetectionGuastalla, Michael (University of Southern California);
Li, Yiyi (University of Southern California);
Hekmati, Arvin (University of Southern California);
Krishnamachari, Bhaskar (Univerisity of Southern California)
Embracing Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation for Federated Knowledge TransferDas, Madhureeta (Michigan Technological University);
Liu, Zhen (Michigan Technological University);
Chen, Xianhao (University of Hong Kong);
Yuan, Xiaoyong (Michigan Technological University);
Zhang, Lan (Michigan Technological University)
Lightweight Reputation System for UAV NetworksOgunbunmi, Simeon (Binghamton University);
Hatmai, Mohsen (Binghamton University);
Xu, Ronghua (Michigan Technological University);
Chen, Yu (Binghamton University); Blasch, Erik (AFRL);
Ardiles-Cruz, Erika (AFRL);
Chen, Genshe (Intelligent Fusion Technology, Inc.)
Resilient Range-only Cooperative Positioning of Multiple Smart Unmanned Aerial SystemsBao, Yajie (Intelligent Fusion Technology, Inc.);
Shen, Dan (Intelligent Fusion Technology, Inc.);
Chen, Genshe (Intelligent Fusion Technology, Inc.);
Pham, Khanh (Air Force Research Laboratory);
Blasch, Erik (Air Force Office of Scientific Research)
Securing the Future: Exploring Privacy Risks and Security Questions in Robotic SystemsAfroze, Diba (University of Louisiana at Lafayette);
Tu, Yazhou (University of Louisiana at Lafayette);
Hei, Xiali (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)